FAQ / Policies


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Ordering & Payment

Can I place an order by phone or email?

For security purposes, we do not take orders by phone or email. 

How can I pay for my purchase?
We accept the following forms of payment: PayPal
Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Why buy from us?

We’re in the business of preserving the legacy of Uncle Alberto. The artwork we have is 100% authentic, direct from the source and stored with archival methodology. All limited edition prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity stating the provenance of the artwork. Additionally, proceeds from every sale go toward our preservation of Alberto’s legacy as an artist. We’re working on producing materials, experiences and products that will not only grow awareness of Alberto’s work but also solidify his contributions to american popular culture. Our intention is to improve the market’s demand for Vargas artwork thus preserving your investment. While others are looking for a buck, were looking for longevity.

How are prints shipped?

We use the best museum quality shipping boxes to ship our unframed prints. Our passion is preserving the legacy of Alberto Vargas and the best way to do that is to deliver your order with confidence. Our shipping materials are used and recommended by the national watercolor society, galleries, museums and respected artists.